Guide Book: Issue 01 "First Time in Phuket"


“Phuket”, the Pearl of the Andaman, the town who visits will be enchanted. It is surrounded by the fascinating atmosphere, beautiful nature, unique culture and nice living conditions. Who has come once will be attracted to come back again. Anyways, for people who have never visited before, our Travel Guide Book, issue 01 “First Time in Phuket' is a great help to guide you getting know main highlight of Phuket; top attractions, dining, shopping, accommodations, souvenir, and also guide to enjoy vacation in Phuket :) 


Guide Book: Issue 01
Guide Book: Issue 01 "First Time in Phuket"


Phuket..  Due to the beautiful scenery, “Phuket” was designated as “The Pearl of the Andaman”. This island is rich in fresh food, culture, traveling sites and a typical way of life that many visitors are fond of.

 “Phuket” is one of the southern provinces and the biggest island in Thailand, located in the Indian Ocean with island landscape. There are many famous traveling sites in world ranking. The beach is very attractive and clean with a clear and beautiful sea. It also perfectly harmonizes the traditional way of life and nighttime activities. There are many transportation services such as ships, cars and flights at Phuket International Airport. 

The best time for traveling is during November – February as it is a more popular time for water sports and activities. With that being said, Phuket is a province that tourists can visit all year. The rainy season is during May – October. The summer is very hot and dry which is suitable for sunbathing. The winter period is nice for water sports and activities which is when the weather is 25 – 30 Celsius.

‘Phuket International Airport’ is one of the most visited airports in Thailand. Due to the standard of tourism and economy, there are a lots of domestic and international flights here.

"Traveling Tips" Wifi Internet is free for 2 hours at the airport. It is easy to check-in online and post nice photos via social media.


  • Car rental at the airport – online reserve Click here
  • The blue local bus costs 20-50 baht per person,
  • the van from the airport costs 150 baht,
  • the orange bus costs 85 baht (bus available every 1 hour)


Guide Book: Issue 01
Guide Book: Issue 01 "First Time in Phuket"


What should you bring to Phuket?

Baggage - Suitcase - clothes, Swimsuit, Slippers, Hat, Towel, Toiletries, Medicine, Mosquito repellent, Zip Lock bags, 

Backpack - Camera -bag, Sunglasses,  Pocket book, Mobile phone, Pens, Charger, Wallet, Sunscreen,  Suntan*, Power Bank**

  • *Liquids must be under 100 milliliters so that can be brought on a plane.
  • **A power bank is not allowed to load on the plane. You can bring it on the plane though.  ( As long as it Doesn’t have a capacity over 32000 mAh)

***Download AOT Application in IOS system and Android today.       


Guide Book: Issue 01
Guide Book: Issue 01 "First Time in Phuket"


"As you reach Phuket, this place is a Must for visiting"

  • Chalong Temple or  Watchaitararam is the national temple of Phuket which is visited for worship. You pray respect to Luang Por Cham for blessings and fortune.  Read More...
  • Thep Kasatri and Si Sunthon Heroines Monument the memorial  to the  two heroines of Thalang. It looks like house door for welcoming tourist and to worship for good fortune. Read More...
  • Phuket Old Town  An exotic, enchanting and attractive old city in the Chino-Portugese architectural style, which is influenced by two big cities Singapore and Penang, blending Chinese and Western style harmoniously. Read More...
  • Pathong Beach  The most well-known beach of Phuket is longer than 4 kilometers. Welcoming both Thai and foreign tourists. Facilities and services, hotels, restaurants, and tourist activities are available around the clock.  Read More...
  • Karon Beach  The longest beach on the island of Phuket is a quite secluded beach with fine white sand. There are no shadows cast on the beach, therefore, it is sunny and good for sunbathing. Read More...
  • Prom Thape Cape  Otherwise known as ‘Laem Chao’. At the tip of the cape is rock, crystal clear sea water, and it's famous for sunset sightseeing. A highlight is eminent lighthouse which stands 9 meters high. Read More...
  • Coral Island  The beach has fine white sand and is located near Phuket. With convenient transportation at reasonable prices. The island is secluded and serene. Read More...
  • Phuket Fantasy  The most famous and elegant show in Phuket. Amazing Thai art and cultural shows and excellent performances makes this show an attraction. Read More...
  • Bangla Road  Places of amusement and joyful nightlife in Phuket. It is located on Pathong beach. Pubs and bars with amusing music attract tourists from all over the world. People who enjoy music, dancing, and colorful nightlife should not miss out on Bangla Road. Read More...
  • Splash Jungle  Let’s get wet!.  Soak yourself in a big water park  in a 4 Rai area of Centara Grand. Many fun playthings for everyone. Read More...

Guide Book: Issue 01
Guide Book: Issue 01 "First Time in Phuket"

Famous restaurants of Phuket that you should not miss. 

Culinary of Phuket is really unique and mixed with Chinese style  Tea or coffee in the morning or kanomchin. Phuket is an island so seafood is plentiful, fresh and so delicious that everyone who has ever tried it, cannot forget. Especially the southern style local food that is so palatable that you will give it a  thumbs up and say 'roy-jung-hoo'(southern language style) 

  • Thai vermicelli eaten with curry Mae-ting  Restaurant has been around for long time. It's not big building, but has many styles of Namya(soup for eating with vermicelli): namya poo(crab), namya kai(chicken), kaeng pung pla(fish), namya pa(curry soup without coconut milk), kaeng kheow wan kai(coconut milk with green curry and chicken) served with many kinds of vegetables.  Read More...
  • Ocharot meatballs   A Famous noodle restaurant which has been in business for more than 32 years. It is famous for homemade meatballs which are very delicious both with soup and without soup.  Read More...
  • Mee Ton Pho (Bhodi Tree Noodle) With a 60-year history, Mee Ton Pho restaurant has its famous signature dish-stir-fired the thick yellow noodles, Hokkien mee or Hokkien noodles. Hokkein mee can also be served with soup. The best dish served is stir-fried Hokkein mee topping with vegetable, pork, fish, squid and egg.  Read More...
  • Boonrat Dim Sum Satisfaction guaranteed! With the long traditional recipes, the restaurant serves fresh and delicious quality traditional Chinese food. Strong Ingredients, tasty sauces and a wide variety of choices on the menu such as Steamed Pork Dumpling, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed Shrimp and Pork Dumpling, Rice Noodle with Pork Filling, Pork Ribs In Herbal Chinese Soup. All are which are healthy meals. Read More...
  • Dibuk Phuket Located on the charming street of old town Phuket, Dibuk is Sino-Portuguese food style restaurant that you should not miss. The menu offers classic, authentic Thai and French food to enjoy in a warm atmosphere. This will make you at home. Read More...
  • Leamhin Seafood  The traditional restaurant of local people in Phuket, located near Maproa Island. It's famous because of it's delicious and unique Thai cuisine. The recommended meals are Black Crab in Black Pepper Sauce (Poo Pad Prik Thai Dam), Shrimp with Tamarind Sauce (Goong Pad Nam Makham) Steamed Seafood Curry custard in banana leaf (Hor mok talae) and Spicy Dried-Shrimp Paste Dip in Phuket style (Nam Prik Goong Sieb). Read More...
  • Phuket View  Ranked A+ in atmosphere, the restaurant is located at the top of Khao Rang. There, you can enjoy an amazing Phuket city view and sunset while having delicious food with the best ingredient selection. Read More...
  • Raya Phuket This famous local restaurant has served customers for more than 10 years in a retro-Asian atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated by ancient classic furniture in order to reserve the classical charm. Thai original taste is also reserved. Both Thai and foreigners are guarantee the taste of original Thai style. Recommended meals are Shrimp with Tamarind Sauce (Goong Pad Nam Makham), Spicy Dried-Shrimp Paste Dip in Phuket style(Nam Prik Goong Sieb), Steamed pork with pepper and garlic (Moo Hong)  and Stir Fried Sa-taw (Thai Green Pea) with Shrimps. All are original Phuket style. Read More...
  • Oh Aew Paele Phuket  Oh Aew, a unique Phuket local favorite dessert, is a jelly like dessert which made from banana-flour served with syrup and ice on top. This shop is the original dessert shop of Phuket and popular for many visitors. The price is only between 12-20 baht. Read More...


Guide Book: Issue 01

Guide Book: Issue 01 "First Time in Phuket"


Culture, Tradition and Local Language

  • Chinese Vegetarian Festival  The festival occurs yearly for 9 days during September to October. The festival is believed to make the mind purer and gain merits from eating vegetarian food. 
  • Loy Rue Tradition   Loy Rue  is the fisherman‘s  exorcise ceremony. It’ s just like Loy Krathong.  The vessel  is made from Ra Gam wood
  • Rong – Ngaeng Dancing   It’s the folk dance of Phuket or the fisherman’s performing arts that involves dancing and moving the  hands, legs and body according to the Ton – Yong melody and lyrics.
  • Seafood season  Annually on  May.  The purpose is to publicize the renowned seafood  of  Phuket  and  invite tourists to visit Phuket during the rainy season.
  • Opening  Phuket touring seaso    Held annually on  November The 1St  at  Patong beach. To welcome the tourist season again and encourage the province be united.  

**More information about Phuket’ s festivals Click here


Guide Book: Issue 01

Guide Book: Issue 01 "First Time in Phuket"


Top 10 Luxury hotels

  1. Sri Panwa Phuket Villas  500,000 Baht
  2. Trisara Luxury Resort Phuket 380,000 Baht
  3. Andara Resort and Villas 240,700 Baht
  4. Anantara Phuket Villas  200,000 Baht
  5. Point Yamu Resort by Como 148,375 Baht
  6. Cape Panwa Hotel 118,000 Baht
  7. Paresa Resort Phuket 110,000 Baht
  8. The Village Coconut Island 83,000 Baht
  9. The Surin Phuket  81,100 Baht
  10. The Naka Phuket 70,000 Baht


Top 10 Affordable hotel * The price per night

  1. The Oddy Hip Hotel Start at 300 Baht
  2. Sino Inn Hotel Start at 400 Baht
  3. Sino Imperial Phuket Start at 560 Baht
  4. Phuket Center Apartment Start at 680 Baht
  5. Sleep Sheep Phuket Hostel Start at 750 Baht
  6. Cafe@LUV22 Guest House Start at 850 Baht
  7. Quip Bed & Breakfast Phuket Start at 1000 Baht
  8. The Gallery Hotel Start at 1100 Baht
  9. G-1 Apartment Start at 1200 Baht
  10. Tiras Patong Beach Hotel Start at 1500 Baht

 Search Hotel in Phuket.... Click here

Guide Book: Issue 01

Guide Book: Issue 01 "First Time in Phuket"


Phuket's popular souvenirs to not miss   "Phuket"   Phuket is a great place for shopping that has many services  available and is convenient for travel.  There are also  sweet and savory dishes that draw tourist back again.   There are a variety of goods that you shouldn't forget to buy

  • Thai Silk, pearls, gemstones, , ceramics, silverware, batik /sarong, drawings, decorative wood, shell decorations, Kung - Siab, Hok-Gian noodle, Tao-So, Mee-Sua, O-Tao, Ching Chang fish with flavored, Fish Entrails Curry, Cashews

Shop at Phu Ket International Airport 

  • Restaurant  Pa-NanBurger King, Thai Airways Restaurant, Subway, Coffee World
  • Shop - King Power Duty FreeJim ThomsonSouvenirPick A PearlFoot Massage 

*More information about shop and restaurant at  Phuket International Airport  Click here

The VAT refund     During boarding,  foreign tourists who buy goods in which that the VAT is not less than  2,000  Baht.  Don’t  forget  to get a  Vat Refund.   Click here


Guide Book: Issue 01

Guide Book: Issue 01 "First Time in Phuket"


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