Kantang Hot Spring Forest Park (Trang)


 Kantang Hot Spring Forest Park (Trang)

Kantang Hot Spring Forest Park is located at Ban Kuan Daeng, Moo 7, Boh Nam Ron subdistrict, Kantang district, Trang province. It is in the national sanctuary which covers Khao Whang forest, Kuan Daeng forest and Nam Rab forest. The altogether area is 80,000 square meters. The Royal Forest Department announced this park as the forest park on

9th June 2006. Kantang Hot Spring forest Park is the plain area. The forest is tropical rain forest with humid while some areas are swamp where you can find water all time. There are abundant of plants and animals. The forest condition is medium fertile. Some plants that can be seen here are rubber, Takian, Wha, wild rose apple, Tung Fah, Kor, Daeng Kuan, Kradoan, Tuanghon, Waii, Lumpi, palm and orchid. Animals that can be seen are Cynogale benettiis, Dusky leaf monkeys, mouse deer, wild chicken and different species of birds, frogs, raninidaes and snakes.


Inside the park there are the following tourist attractions:

1.Kuan Daeng Hot Spring

Kuan Daeng hot spring was developed into three hot springs. The water temperatures are 70, 40 and 20Celius respectively. They are used for entertaining and tourism facilities. The park allows tourists and people to dip their feet and take a hot shower for good health. There are nine shower rooms and hot spring rooms for privacy, one hot spring for dipping the feet and one public hot spring room.

2.Nature Study Route 

The area around hot spring’s swamp and tropical rain forest are developed into three nature routes for studying plants and wildlife animals. The distances are 500, 750 and 2,000 meters respectively. They are used for study and research the diversity of biology, entertainment and tourism.

Tourists or people who wish to use hot spring service for good health or to walk along the nature route, please contact Kantang Hot Spring Forest Park, Noh Nam Ron subdistrict, Kantang district, Trang province, Tel 082-289-9211 or 089-724-6247 

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